The band started off as " Leroy Sinclair And The Smoking Section" and came out of a few guys jamming together for a while. After the original guitar player Leroy Sinclair moved out of the area, Johnny and Steve went through a few different guitar players and the band morphed into The Crawling Kingsnakes. A mutual friend who was filling in temporarily invited Henrik to sit in at a gig at Henfling's in late 2005. We really liked playing together, and the rest is history.

Steve Brochon's Biography
Born on the east coast in New Jersey. Eventually moved out west. Been playing the Bay Area music scene since the '80s in numerous bands such as Bluebeat, Common Ground, and Leroy Sinclair and The Smoking Section. The last few years he's dedicated his talent to being the lead singer and drummer for the Smokin' Kingsnakes. Heavily influenced by groove drummers like Sam Lay, Bernard Purdie, Chris Layton, and Fran Christina. In addition to being a rock solid, in-the-pocket, groove drummer, Steve's a very seasoned singer with a soulful and passionate voice that is sure to attract the audience's attention.
Johnny Bird's Biography
Born in Mountain View, California. Played in various Bay Area rock bands as a guitar player over the years, but the blues seemed to fit the life that Johnny lived, and when he found it, he knew he was home. He eventually realized that you don't pick your instrument – the instrument picks you. So he switched to bass and hasn't looked back since. Johnny honed his bass playing skills for years by playing with the great guitar player and authentic Georgia bluesman Leroy Sinclair and The Smoking Section, as well as countless pro jams at JJ's blues with great musicians like Dennis Dove and the likes. Now he's found his permanent home with The Smokin' Kingsnakes. Johnny is not only a rock solid, soulful bass player, he's also a great songwriter with about 20 originals under his belt.
Henrik Martin's Biography
Born and raised in Solna, Sweden. Moved to California in 1996 in pursuit of The Blues, which was in his blood from birth. Closet guitar player/shower singer since early teens, but has been playing seriously since 1998 and has studied under acclaimed blues master John Garcia at School of The Blues, as well as Jammin' Jamie, Sam Varela, and Chris Cain in recent years. Founded the power trio Harvey Sparks as the lead singer/guitar player. Musical roots firmly planted in jazz and blues, but enjoys listening to everything from flamenco to heavy rock. Henrik's guitar style has been described as jazzy with an edge, bluesy and phat, melodic and emotional with a distinctive tone. He can hold his own when singing too, with a gritty and passionate voice. Henrik found his musical soul brothers when he was invited to join The Smokin' Kingsnakes as a permanent member.

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